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Hi! good to see everyone again
Hello everyone! I was wondering what had happened to the Kinggoon and I'm grateful to find you guys made another one so it's not lost at all.. Big hugs!
postbit slot
By "Ancient forum which is not at all associated with CBC" i guess you think of the one many of us have been part of.  I left a long time ago. 

CBC started as an idea in late 2017 and since then, evolved to what it is today. 

so welcome to CBC
Welcome home ...
looking forward to see your skills.
- smiles -

the CopyBotClub CBC
Deloryan, please be welcomed to the Copybot club!

There is a saying that goes like this
"When things stop working for you, create your own"
and so we did!

Here you will find everything working like it should
threads won't be filled with thank you's there's a button for that
and you can also rate if you truly like it.

But where we made it was in how well organized the forum is
We count on you to please read the rules and make threads with all the elements
so that when you search things show up

If you like a fast, organized, and working forum with rules
then you will fit right into CBC

showbis Cool
Just a note for informing you of the two shares you made late august in the sandbox, has been moved inside the Second life forum. 

The move from sandbox to Second life forum normally happens when you have reached the next usergroup - or when the share has spent a couple of months in the sandbox.

UPDATE 24 01 2022
listing your shares which have been moved to Second life forum

updated 09 03 2022

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