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Hi there
well started SL in 2007 
After a long break im back and it looks like im a Noob again 
Im not sure what to do in SL now lol 
May i got Ideas in here  ....
Sometimes kinda limited English so im already now sorry if i have stupid Questions  Big Grin

Have a nice weekend  :-)
postbit slot
Yayyyyyyyyyy you made it finally,
i was thinking of your shares you 
always came with goodies Smile.
Welcome home Bounty Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
welcome to CBC

and back to SL as well

It must appear to be a strange world- but covid-19 free!

Then it is a welcome back to the metaverse!
Things have changed a bit from mesh allover to BoM and there is nothing wrong with being a Noob again

We are here for whatever you may need,
have a look at CB viewers and get the one you like the most and get some shares in
and learn all the new things we have.

Feel welcomed here
showbis Cool
welcome to the forum Smile
New to copybotting? Wanna rip mesh? Tutorial here:
Happy Welcome,
you cannot be noob because I am
Welcome to CBC bountykiller  Cool
even though you are not apprentice yet, your shares have been moved outside the sandbox. The most recent were from 03 2021
- just in case you were wondering where they are. (You cant follow them as long you remain in the newbie usergroup)

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