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Hii Everyone
I rip skins and stuff, I will post some of the rips I have made in sandbox. I also can rip rigged mesh to some extent and would like to contribute my rips.
postbit slot
Good morning to you,
nice you found your way to us and also want to contribute.
These are the first steps into the right direction. If you need
any help let us know. Welcome home Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
Make sure to read of the requirements when you make a share, then you dont have to read any of my comments and questions! Here is a link to the guide. 

Welcome to CBC  

[Image: coffee.jpg]

Your share made in the sandbox has been moved to the Second Life forum. 
This happens when you have reached a new usergroup or when the shares has been in the sandbox for about two months. 

Hoping you get back and continue!
[Image: coffee.jpg]

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