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Hello to all, nice to meet you guys and Feliz Navidad! Heart
postbit slot
Heya Feliz Navidad  to you too hun Smile.
Come in and have a seat and ask away Smile.
Butttttttttttttt get ready to get a lot of useful
infos and a bunch of crazy sweet ppl Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
Hola lelouch21,

Welcome to the copybot.club!

Please make sure to read our guide that has many links to the information you need to know.
Right now your main access is to Orientation Island to get used to making a thread the right way and get your first 15 posts until you can reach a new user group wwhere new forums open up for you.
At that stage, you already know how to make threads and where to put them, how the club works and what are our values and rules you need to observe.

We all hope you like here
Feliz año nuevo con mucha salud!!

showbis Cool
Hola! bienvenido y feliz navidad!
Hey, Lelouch!


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