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Introducing myself and wish a better 2022 to all
Hello all and a happy 2021, hope we can have a better year, i am new to the forum, greeetings to all
postbit slot
Welcome aboard PG, have a sit and read Smile.

~ smiles ~

the CopyBotClub CBC
Greetings pgomea!

Wishes of a way better year to you also!

Like the CopyBotClub CBC pointed out to you, please check our guide and see how things work at our forum
we are free and we also work according to user groups… the higher you go the more access you get!
It's paying it forward without having to pay to get a new copybot viewer or a forum with old things that are all mixed and you can't even find them with search.
In here we pride ourselves of having things in categories and forums and sub-forums so that everybody may post and also find what they are looking for easily. But most of all we have a great community of members who always help others who make an effort to be within this family.

We all hope you like it!

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