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Legion has Arived!
Stands in the middle of the Room and says hi My names Legion i'm a leo and i love long walks on the beach and my feet on wet sand ..... naw it's ya boi Legion back in the swing of things i am a 30ish Coder with lots of Free time and nothing to do so i rip Wreak and Cause all kinds of trouble on SL mostly a bully to the bullies and can't stand Liars

I'm glad to be here and I have found my Home Big Grin
postbit slot
bully to the bullies - I like the sound of that Smile

welcome to CBC !
~ pointing with long slender finger at you and giggling ...
twisting my wrist watching the time ... tabbing with bare foot
on the ground of the goonhall  ~

About time huh?

Welcome Home.

the CopyBotClub CBC
welcomz, feline ! Rolleyes
Welcome to CBC legion Cool
Although you are still in newbie group, I have moved your shares out of the sandbox.  They were from back in january 2021

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