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Returning comrade
Thumbs Up 
Hi to everyone
Former KG VIP returning to the fold.
I've been away from SL a few years but will post some stuff asap.
I usually am interested in Skins and textures so that's what I used to post.

Cheers !!
postbit slot

- not at all to related to that fold you refer to.  Except for being a copybot forum and you will see familiar names

  .. just as yours is!

Welcome outlawgronk Smile

make sure to read the Guide for our fold. It will help you, hopefully!
[Image: coffee.jpg]
Welcome home huni Smile.
Shout if you need any help Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
Thank you both ... I just blundered in without the golden rule: Read the Guide ...  My apologies  tsk tsk
In case you return to CBC and wonder where your shares went? 
They have been removed inside the Second Life forum. 
After a couple of months shares from the sandbox will be placed there, even though the members having reached the user group having access. 

Hoping you start logging in again 

[Image: coffee.jpg]

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