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Waves Hello
Hello People! glad to recognize a few names from the "other" forum...  After a 3 year absence I decided to return...
Kudos for keeping the sharing alive!  I read the rules, and how to's  and some tutorials so I feel confidant enough to stop lurking and start sharing!
postbit slot
slifer, good to see you return to the scene Wink

Yeah, you will see many names you recognize here since we all left the other forum and a few months later it went down.

Here you will find what you never found there: things are organized, nobody can be nasty to anyone under a VIP tag, etc, etc and ah yes the forum works Exclamation Tongue

We are a completely different forum with non-profit oriented.
For us, it makes no sense at all to have a copybot forum and make money out of members,
that is why all we ask is for people to share.

Most things like viewers and tools are already available to the registered user group and we have made tutorials for those who don't know how to back up their stuff to learn how it's done.
And the best of all is the great community that helps each other when any doubt arises.

Now that I tried to explain to you why we had to move it's easy to see CBC has nothing to do with the other forum.

Welcome to your new home slifer!

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