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hello and a warm 2022 to you! looking around here, hope to be able to engage with everyone Smile
postbit slot
A warm 2022 to you also ryanonwolves and welcome to the club!

To know how to do things in the club I suggest you go over the guide we have prepared for new members
this is very helpful and goes over our rules, how to copybot and there is more like tutorials on how to backup your inventory
since we do not have any sort of VIP deals we count on members to stay active and share.

Take some time looking at what others did and remarks to do it properly and do it safely, check How To Copybot - Basic Level

At first, it may look like it isn't easy but it is a question of practice and you will learn like we all did and still are checking new ways of doing things.
Our community is great on that and very helpful! If you come to need help please do not hesitate to ask

In the name of the copybot.club we hope you enjoy it

showbis Cool
Welcome home sweety Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC

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