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Hii i'm new to this whole scene and look forward to learning and helping others Smile
postbit slot
Then polish your glasses and get ready to read a lot,
welcome to the club.

the CopyBotClub CBC
yes, a lot to read, but all made to help you navigate and find what you need at the forum

Welcome to CBC 
n33ko welcome to the club.

To start with the right foot you must know how the forum works, how to share, when do you get ranking upgrades
and what access do you have with each ranking.

Then there's the specific:
  • Check the tutorials
  • How to be safe
  • How to use a viewer
  • How to rip or do adjustments on NoMod items (Begin w/ your own stuff)
  • How to use the tools

When you think you know something, you just started!
That's the fun of copybot Idea

showbis Cool

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