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hiii! :3
[img]#$@&%*! tits #$@&%*/uploads/avatars/avatar_20260.png?dateline=1580267360[/img]Hello everyone im Lilly

I've been on SL for 3 years already its been wild ride but everything ok, if someone like to add me feel free.

I also been "Copybot" a little bit with some creations, I would like to lear a bit more about rig mesh in Blender so I hope this forum could help me

Best Regards to everyone![Image: ikYE5bF.png]
postbit slot
I am sure there are skilled Blender riggers around, in fact, i know there is. 

Looking forward to see what you are going to add to the forum. 

welcome to CBC 

Welcome to CBC  Cool
lillysatou132, welcome to CBC mate

showbis Cool

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