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howdy howdy
hellos all! long time goon fan and member glad to be a part of the community again♥ Rolleyes
postbit slot

welcome to the club!
We hope you like it here

showbis Cool
welcome to CBC - 

we have been online since 2018, glad you found us! 

Nice to have you here, Draca
im getting the hang of it
Heyyyyyyy a neat dragon with purple eyes
~ smiles ~
I know you ... yes you .... Smile.
~ touches your nose quickly with the tip of my finger ~
I am glad you found us finally.
Welcome homemSmile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
Welcome to CBC
hiyas - your share has been moved out of the sandbox

Normally that happens only after you have leveled to a new usergroup. But the share has been in the sandbox for long - since 03 2021

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