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Dakota Linden  At banned me for being sexy
hi im not dakota!
postbit slot
Ha!!! Now you got to tell us that story that sounds juicy… banned for being sexy Rolleyes

So let us welcome Dakota and curse the Lindens Wink

Welcome to the copybot club!
Don't be sad, many were banned for no reason… for them to ban anyone inworld it can be for anything they choose
many got into copybot because of that…
Some were accused of using copybot viewers when they didn't even knew what copybot was or how was it done

If you read LL ToS you will understand they own your 'ass' and your 'Linden dollars' also… let's call that a democracy where they run the world and steal your money

I hope we can help on your rebirth but also look for Open Sim and maybe even have it online for you to make your own world and call out your friends from SL to your own grid.

Glad you could join us, but please tell us that story Wink

Welcome aboard Smile.
Banned for being sexy?
Tell us more ... Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
I'm intrigued. You can't leave us like that Dakota!!  Sad

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