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new and curious
hi everyone, I'm new here and would fancy some tips from you about how to use this forum best as possible. 

postbit slot
Welcome fellow brother we joined at the same time!
Hi, I joined a little while ago too. Welcome!  Wink

I don't know much yet but I'm using the orientation island to locate myself here. Take a look, it has a lot of interesting stuff and shows you exactly how to make posts. Just follow the tutorials and soon you'll be making your shares.
in order to find out what and how to do things here, there is a collection of links in the guide, located at the sandbox forum, as an important thread. 

welcome to the CBC, the copybot club.

Has you can see we try hard to have a great community or some call family
because even not knowing each other, we establish ties with others, some for years

This is also what makes the copybot community a very cool place to be and hangout
you learn, teach new ones after, and get better at it as you progress

With the forum it is the same, Orientation island that serves you to understand all the basics, rules, how to's, security, how to share, etc
and then you go to a new user group where other forum areas open to you. Why because until then you are training on how to make threads and how to make things right

Please count on any of us to try and help you along the way.

I hope you like it here

showbis Cool
hey you welcome aboard. getz ready to read a lot and laugh a lot
even about yourself ... you will the fun of your life with a family like
us you never know Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC

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