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Hello and hi
Hi everyone, I'm terrible at introductions if I'm being honest.
Er..... yeah, hello!
postbit slot
Im horrible at greeting welcome. 

It all ends up in saying hi - maybe even link to our guide - and that's it. 

Take your time and find your way in our community. 

Happy to welcome you at The Copybot Club.  CBC


Redbeard, there's nothing wrong with being bad at introductions, we have some members who participate almost daily at copybot.club than just make their shares and go around their own business.

We do not know if you have any experience or not, but I'll try to help you a bit

Like C.Nails said start with Our Guide, then hop on and get the viewers and you can choose one or use both, most of us use both because one is better at achieving better results than the other and vice versa. Revelator is build based on Singularity and uses less resources then Darkstorm 6.2 that uses Firestorm base, it is heavier on your machine but it is an awesome copybot viewer!

You have tutorials and security advice you should use!
and advice for you is for you to spend a bit of time reading the essential information, on the rest you can follow along

I am sure you bumped onto closed doors, worry not, they will open with your participation.
We don't have VIPs so that nobody can be at the top user group just because he/she paid.
Our forum is not about getting your money, we are about getting you a pleasant home where you can be at!

I hope you like it here at CBC

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