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Lelutka Evolution X is Daz3d Heads?!?!?!
Is Lelutka Evolution X heads Daz3d heads? 

Thxxxxxxxxxx made a discovery that the UV Maps were quite similar to the Daz3d heads even in the photo comparison that Lelutka brought up showed some similarities in modifications of a Daz3d's head in the beginning. you can even see in the UV unwrap that the map was generated pretty similarly I know that's a fact if you do 3D unwrap in Maya it would come out a little bit differently.
[Image: CB78xYS.png]
Here's one of the comments that I like on the on the Facebook page.

So basically you stole it from DAZ, edited it a bitbut left the ears untouched because who in the world will ever inspect this shit, right? And then you pretend to be original mesh creators while you are just parasites? Gotcha. 😆 Oh and let's not forget the piercings you are using are also stolen from DAZ. Haha so pathetic.

Here are some comparisons of other UV Maps.

[Image: mbhQSRY.jpg]

I've circled of bits that are pretty familiar and similar.

[Image: jqQYgJX.jpg]

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I'm certainly not a professional, but in both options I do not see much similarity. My opinion is that they are just trying to drown one of the best Second Life brands, as they did with Genus. It is possible that such people are paid by some other competing brands who do not like the success of Lelutka. Not only does Lelutka now have the most wonderful heads in all of SL, she also occasionally gives them away as gifts. I sincerely wish success to Lelutka and her creative team Heart .
It could be a posibility, but we need to keep in mind that almost nothing is original anymore, not even in Real Life. 
People using the same programs, same brushes, same materials, the result may end up pretty similar with what's already on the Market. 
Lelutka and Genus had a fight about the same subject, where they said that Genus are copybotting their mesh heads, I remember that their store was closed for a while. Then, Genus store was open again after a while, but less and less customers went to buy from it (same as me). 

Indeed, I am a huge fan of Lelutka's Mesh Heads, because not only that they have a variety of mesh heads, animations and many options for their heads, but you can buy 1 mesh head and edit it in different ways, with the same skin. If indeed that's true, then it must be sad, seeing your work being stolen and others making profit over it... it's a bit fustrating.  Dodgy
im going to add the links from the lelutka facebook website, so if anybody is facebook users, they can follow the drama

Lelutka facebook about the Daz 3d VS EvoX uv map 

and the warnings of the fraud website scamming people referred to in the image bishop uses: "first a fake Lelukta Facebook account is started"
[Image: Dx3koUL.jpg]
Lelutka Fraud alert 

I am not skilled enough to check if they used Daz3D heads.  If they did, they are not alone. I mean, by claiming they created something on their own. 

I like that lelutka now works in collab with another brand and sharing the Evox map. The akeruka mesh head brand. Their recent heads are compatible. This means less confusion for us users (maybe only me!)  and a way to use the skins purchased for more than one mesh head brand. 

good luck Lelutka!


Yeah if it's true I would hate for my Lelutka heads to be removed from my inventory because I spent a lot of money on them and most of the market seems to be made for them now.
I inspected these alleged areas very carefully. The similarities are so trivial as to border on the ridiculous to claim the uv maps are even remotely the same. The right temple on Daz has a single triangular split into two rows. The EvoX has a double V split into 4 rows. These v splits are not even remotely similar unless you are the kind of person who looks at a grocery store bag and a 50 gallon trash can liner and thinks I can put trash in both so they are the same. The noses are not even remotely similar in the same respect. EvoX is smooth well spaced even lines, the Daz is crowded and uses different spacing. These are NOT trivial differences. On the neck line there are several triangles, every EvoX connection on the neck is a square.

Honestly it would be more work to convert the Daz into the EvoX than it would be to create the Evox from scratch. The only reason they are even in the vicinity of being remotely close is they are both faces, which happen to have a ... certain shape.

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