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Have a good time everyone!
postbit slot
Begonija welcome to the Copybot club,

It is good to see you know writing in English, I am glad you understood how things work and did some reading.
I also saw you did your first share, it seems it is lacking some information, we create threads in a way that is search engine friendly
that is why we ask for all the possible information about the shares anybody does. It helps when you want to find a specific item!

We are a very friendly forum and our members are always willing to help out those who like them share.
Nobody can get a paid subscription nor can a member get access to some places if he doesn't contribute to the forum, that is what user groups are.
You give in order to take!

We do not encourage or help those who want to make a profit from other creations,. Copybot is about making a backup and not to make a profit that is why we have a section were we expose people who we see that are copybotting to sell on Marketplace! 

If you come to need anything or feel stuck on the forum please do not hesitate to ask us or post a  request on the specific area of the forum.

I hope you come to like it here and feel right at home!

showbis Cool
happy welcome !



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