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Hi all <3
Hi, happy to see you guys :3
My name is Nikos im from Cyprus
Im here because i got banned in SL and i want to get back and start copyboting (ive heard about it but have 0 exp), looking for guides, searching and sharing with you
I used to be a small creator to get some lindens inside, creating male cloth by using blender, zb, marvelous designer, photoshop and substance painter so i can rent and buy something for my self.
I can use these knowledges to copybot, change and upload mesh, textures, anims and everything i think, correct me if im wrong
Also id like to know before i start my dirty activity Big Grin how can i avoid ban with new account? LL said this "You may not return to Second Life on any account, new or existing". Does it mean i have to clear roaming folder and change ip (did i missed something?) is it enough to get back?
Not sure is able to ask this in Welcome topic BUT I LOVE YOU ALL Heart  and want to be sure i dont get banned in 2 days
postbit slot
I myself have never been banned before in Second Life, but what I understand you should spoof your mac address. Use vpn create the account at a McDonald's or a Starbucks. Do not associate any credit cards or any PayPal's that were linked to your banned account and don't talk to any previous friend groups. No one must know this is your new identity and you have to keep it that way.

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Hi! Welcome!

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