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I'm new here but since 2008 on second life.
I have a lot to learn here I hope to find what I am looking for in your knowledge.
I am French.
Happy New Year's Eve see you soon
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Salut Spiritus11 bienvenue dans le monde merveilleux du copybot Exclamation
Since you are on second life since 2008 I am sure you have quite an inventory to backup and you should do it.

To be good at it, all it is required from you is to read the available copybot documentation and tutorials and you have access to them since registration/entry level user ranking.
In here we don't ask for your money nor we will lure you to be a VIP if you contribute. We believe that members should have access to forums according with their participation and by that it can go from translations, to shares, to teach us also the skills you have learned.
Everybody here is always learning and nobody is bigger or better than any newly registered member.

That is why I can say with certainty that we are different Exclamation

Everything on Orientation Island is already open for you, and things like the necessary copybot viewers and tools are also there. Tutorials also!
You should start by reading our guide and follow our links to understand better how CBC works,: what are user groups and how many posts you need to upgrade; what are the ground rules for every member to follow; where to start sharing; etc.

The community is very helpful and we are always willing to assist you on your learning curve.

So put your seat belt on, hop on the Xmas sleigh and come Ho Ho Ho with us.... yeah because Xmas comes before New Years Eve  Wink

Welcome to the club!

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