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BonnieBots - !
Reading gossip can be interesting

Virtual Secrets

taught me about BonnieBots
Quote:The worst part of Second Life is finding where everyone else is at.
BonnieBots is an attempt to find new ways for residents to connect and navigate their second life. Our goal is to support and promote the Second Life community while encouraging more active participation. We believe the continued success of Second Life lies with the residents.
Information about Second Life should be freely accessible by all. We intend to make previously obscured information available to all residents, enable open use of the information, and expand available toolsets to further content creation.
All information collected and made available is publicly accessible and is not, and never will be, utilized for any monetary gain. We support individual privacy and will never attempt to obtain information not contained within or relevant to Second Life.

I never knew Top attachments were put into a database - nor did I knew that the most worn attachment is / TEETH / LeLUTKA 3.1 
or who the top merchants are

I guess I am happy now?
Now I know that most worn teeth by avatars are lelutka 3.1 teeth.  I can connect with other users of the same teeth!!  Or start using them, when I am a new resident, and start bonding with avatars wearing the same set of teeth 

[Image: a5Vp7R4.png]

Happy days. 

Marketplace is interesting too.


postbit slot
First I hated the bonniebots. Secretive. Popping in and out of sims. I asked people in desperation "who are they? What do they want?". I asked the bots themselves, without no reply of course!

Until one day the bots began having the link to their site in their profile! Now I love the bonniebots. I like to check out the trending attachments tab to see which new items smb to be nice or are on a sale. I even saw raven and quinn heads appearing on there before the lelutka release of them. Beta testers I guess!

I love you, bonniebots!!!
I met one!! There I was, minding my own business (not copybot business, only checking out  CBC stuff)

[00:42] NotAnotherBonnieBotMakeItStop entered the region.
[00:42] NotAnotherBonnieBotMakeItStop left the region

Not actually met it, but ... I noticed one! 

I like the account name.
No info or anything on the profile though.


Oh! I see them allll the time! I've even seen one called OhPleaseNotAnotherBonniebot.

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