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[font][font]olá fiquei sumida mas voltei agora ,como faco estou precisando de casas e da que nao tenho permissao [/font][/font]
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(02-17-2023, 07:59 AM)Taty Angel Wrote: olá fiquei sumida mas voltei agora ,como faco estou precisando de casas e da que nao tenho permissao 

Google Translated that for you - the language here is English but we, the members, are from everywhere in the world. But most information found here is written in English.
hello I was missing but I'm back now, how do I need houses and the one I don't have permission

Reply to your "introduction" :

If you need houses, you will have to get access to the  Buildings subforum. 

Access =  you need to participate and add to CopyBot.Club = permission

Our copybot forum is based on usergroups. You are now a member of the "registered" usergroup.
This means, you have access to copybot viewers - like Darkstorm and Relevator , copybot tools, tutorials plus our sandbox for your first shares and some other forums which is useful for you IF you are interested in getting Second Life buildings, for example.
( we do have a lot of other items too, I would like to say we got the most recent skins and addons shared as Wearables/Bom, UUIDs or Textures , thank you for participating,  CopyBot.Club members!!)

Quoting myself " If you are interested in Second Life buildings"
I wrote that as I did, to point out you will need to participate in order to gain access to much more than the tools provided to get you started at CBC.

If you don't participate and add to the community, I suspect you will end up sleeping in the open, no house for you.

Welcome back and thank you for taking the time to make an introduction.

Happy contributing!


And a link to the guide, if you haven't found it already: 




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