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Ivory Snow makes a call out video about Naria Panthar

I've been watching this YouTuber Ivory Snow for a while as well as Naria. Ivory Snow likes to use her own blackness as a shield that she can gaslight and try to misrepresent certain details. This is a disclaimer for the video and her arguments, but it is true Naria has made racist remarks to multiple groups of people. One of her previous friends made a comment about Betrayals clothing and said it looked "Hoodrat". Naria awkwardly agreed and laughed it off. In my personal opinion you should not be held accountable for what your friend says. Especially since we live in the age of cancel culture now. I did not like Ivory Snow's call out that Naria should be removed from the blogger team for Equal10's event. I think people are just too soft these days and are special snowflakes. In my second life journey I have been tiptoeing around everybody and it can be quite tiring. I am not trying to co-sign on Naria's actions. I'm trying to stay neutral as possible. In the past Naria was called out by Mousy "The Ultimate SL Clout Chaser". Ivory Snow's call out video seems to be a rehash of what Mousy's expose video was trying to do. Ivory Snow also makes fun of Naria's real life appearance and saying that she is a white woman and she has no right to say these comments. Since I would like to remain anonymous I will not say what ethnic group I'm apart of but just because you're black doesn't mean you can't be races yourself. Ivory also says that Naria is being ableist by referring to people with the r-word in her facebook. Honestly I don't really care if you are saying anything that's offensive, when it is on a public channel you should try to hold your tongue and refrained from saying things that would get you in trouble. In private that's another story. 

In closing this little rant TL;DR Ivory Snow is bias can do no wrong etc. Believe all women. If you're making a public statement (YouTube video, private Discord post to your community, Facebook or Flickr) try not to use slurs or language that will offend anybody even yourself and your mom. 

Love to hear your comments and read them what do you think about this SL YouTuber drama?
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Let me just say love this video comment.  Cool

[Image: qnd4NSg.png]
I don't know how to handle it in a quite well-mannered way, but imagine being told to shut up just because you have another race.
It's such a shame that people don't know the definition of racism. No matter what your race is, you still can be racist.

By the way, wasn't she the one to say 'white girl' or making fun of flat-ass SL avatars, as well as 'this skin is too white for me'.
Also, when you're making fun of someone's appearance, at least you must be good looking yourself. For someone having the nickname as a baby detergent, she's really mean.
But again, YES. Do not use ethnic slurs against anyone, nor insult someone.
I think there's a real lack of being able to differentiate between saying you don't like a skin or style vs saying you don't like an entire race for a lot of people. I don't follow SL youtube at all but I have seen some of Naria's videos on S&H or skin fair and while she does make some not nice comments about darker skins, she makes just as many about light skins? There *are* badly made skins. There just are. It's a fact. Of both colors. Naria saying she doesn't like this one dark skintone doesn't make her racist? I've seen her say nice things about dark skintones as well.

Now saying slurs, yeah, that's not acceptable and it should be something she is more conscious of, especially if you're representing a part of a whole organization.

also, also, all "public figures" on SL are clout chasers imo.

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