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NEWS : Anatomy Male body - first binary and non binary experience
About the body:
ANATOMY Male. One body, YOUR shape.
The most versatile male body that shapes to you.
[Image: s2kw318.jpg]


SLurl to event and give away, - just click the board and hope to be among the 30 lucky avatars

The giveaway started june 2nd and lasts to june 23rd.  One entry per resident. 

Edited to add the give away is over. the body is still actual


postbit slot
This body looks stunning, I saw it on the SL forum but have yet to actually see one in the wild. I'm liking this sort of maybe-trend towards a wide variety of shapes being offered by bodies, in the male world especially there also hasn't been much in the way of options for more realistic/normal (dad bod? it's maybe not quite that) looking shape... as far as I know this the only body to have actually offered it.

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