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Hello everyone ♥
Hello there Smile Alien Jay here  Heart
postbit slot
(06-15-2023, 04:33 PM)Alien Lay Wrote: Hello there Smile Alien Jay here  Heart

How great to see you stop by the introduction area 

this is the first in order to get yourself familiar with CBC.  At least me, who is a part of CBC and one of those who welcome you to our community.  Maybe more of our members will say hi to you? Time will show.

If you wonder which kind of copybot forum CBC is, you will find information in the parts of the forum your usergroup have access to.  

CBC is based on members participating and adding to the growing content of Second Life items and know how.  There are no fees - the only cost there is is that our members spend time:  reading the tutorials, the rules, do some sharing and in general participate in adding to CBC. 

We got some dedicated members.  ♥

I hope you chose to be a part of that.
There is much to gain if you do, not so much if you dont.  Dont get alienated, Jay! 

You have access to the tools to get your copybot career started. 
Viewers - CBC Darkstorm edition, Revelator and our club viewer.  
Tutorials - both for Second Life and for our copybot forum, CBC
A sandbox to try your skills in sharing with the amount of details CBC requires. 

Got curious?  I am curious about what you are going to add to the community.  

Welcome to CBC, the best copybot forum with the best members. 

Read much more in our guide, I am going to link you to it. H  E  R  E




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