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Senra Avatars AKA Nux
Patch Linden's team has release the applications for the dev kit. It is a real eye turner. So basically you can only make G-rated items and every item you make you have to give Linden Lab a copy of it for review before you release it. One step forward two steps back. As well the TOS for the body is very lengthy. They do not want you competing and making a competitive mesh body, if you agreed to make clothes for the body. As well as the body is not performance ready. It is too high poly.
[Image: B9gKaPR.png]

Senra Body SDK License Agreement

Senra Dev Kit Usage Tips & Technical Info

Senra Body SDK Application

Would love to hear your opinion on this body and what Linden Lab thinks a bandage is.
postbit slot
This even looks worse than my classic avatar of 2008!  Sad

I saw some people saying it was so nice that they had a mesh starter avatar...but G-rated... really???? Did they get that idea from Meta?

Why did LL management allowed creators to do their own mesh avatars, now we have dozens of brands and each with its unique HUD and that is a mess. If you consider a thing called 'learning curve'. But if you factor in that even the worse of these dozens probably look better than the SL starter avatars, then the conclusion is very simple they screwed up!
Does anybody really want an avatar that looked like he smashed his face against a brick wall? Do we call it innovation?

One thing it reminded me of, some similarities on the avatar creation with the also failed and sold Sansar project. The UI - User Interface is..."maybe" a coincidence, or "maybe" they lost any sort of creativity during these years.

I do also remember years ago when LL was looking for a SINGLE PERSON to do their mobile version, and by how it looks now it seems it is going down the same path... of being lousy!

Can't they really do any better... when I saw the presenter all spruced up showing the new nerdy awful SENRA avatar I was like... at least you wouldn't show how an avatar can look stylish duh!

I wonder when someone will do an aroused jacket, that is fact X-rated, and attach it to the pelvic area Rolleyes

Dudes get this... you got the genie out of the bottle, now there is no way you get it G-Rated, but good luck with that

I will eat some  popcorn and watch this show unfolds Cool
I got my hands on the Senra Dev Kits here is the link to it

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