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nice to meet you
I'm not really new, I used to enter a lot from 2009 to 2014, I came back intermittently but like everything I got bored, I used to copy the skins and other items a lot but with the arrival of mesh things it was more difficult, I was in another forum similar to this kinggoon it was called, I never was caught. it's a pleasure to come back.
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It is great to have you back also on our copybot forum, CBC. 

On our forum we have several CB viewers - you said you used to be at Kinggoon? Then you know one of the developers, wish, who made Darkstorm an option.  He made a version for this forums members to use - Thank you wish!. - you will find it at the copybot viewers subforum. 
Also, we got other viewers, Revelator and the club64  viewer. The last one hasnt been worked on for a while, but its there. 

 We got tutorials for how to copybot these days, SL changed, so did the way to get the information we look for when backing up our inventory!  
There are tutorials on how to share as well. 

If you are not able to find your way in the information jungle, we will be happy to show you the path! 

Welcome to CBC, the copybot club. 

See you on the forum? 


eboshifun please feel welcomed at the copybot club!

Like Nails told you we have the latest copybot viewers posted by the developers itself and that is a warranty for you that you are getting the Real Deal!
Darkstorm 6.2.0 had an exclusive edition made by Wish for the club and Revelator was kindly shared by .flagg. Both are great viewers and they have some features on one that the other doesn't, so if I were you I would get both viewers

Also we have tools some you may know already and who knows we might have crossed our paths because I was a VIP member on KingGoon Forum and the C.Nails might ring a bell to you also because she was the best moderator KG ever had!

Things changed a lot since 2014 but you can always catch up on second life copybot and we are around to assist you, backed by our big tribe that is very helpful when you are stuck at something!

I hope to see you around and if you need anything do not hesitate to ask the community or PM any of the team members

Cheers and welcome to CBC
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