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Genus Head update. FREE
Free update for Genus Mesh Heads in Second life
This upgrade will give you the opportunity to enhance your virtual appearance and your Second Life experience without any extra cost.

[Image: HTJnOYe.jpg]

The latest Genus heads offer three types of texture mapping to meet your creative requirements.
You can select
- from the standard applier,
- the BOM for SL UV with a resolution of 1024
- and a new high-definition texture for BOM.
These advancements allow the heads to fully support SL UV, which implies that your current makeup and skins will easily adjust to the new update. You don’t need to fret about compatibility problems or beginning from scratch!

The updated HUD makes it easy to navigate through the options, allowing you to effortlessly achieve your desired look.

This new update focuses on fixing bugs reported by their customers, resulting in a smoother and glitch-free experience.

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[Image: 6OX0hDn.jpg]

The UV map PSD?
4 x2K textures ??

Is there a need for that resolution? Will anybody be able to tell the difference? Will the viewer load those 4 textures at the same time ?
and isnt textures compressed to 1024? 

I read somebody  describing the 4096 x 4096 pixel claim by genus like this: 

They've defined it as 4096x4096 pixels which it clearly isn't.
"So the UV maps are 4096 x 4096 .. Outside of SL .. Which will compress it to 4 x 1024 x 1024 when you upload it .. 
   .. It's a bit like selling a postcard with a picture of an elephant on it and claiming it's in scale 1:1.
Because the elephant is. But not in the picture. 

The skins aren't 4K and the head cannot handle 4K skins.  The two go hand-in-hand.  Both are really 2K.
SL can only support 1K textures and a head that supported a 4K UV map would need 16x1K textures.  The Genus UV map only has 4x1K textures and so is actually a 2K UV map.

None of this are my words although some of the opinions are similar to mine, I cant claim them to be my original words!  Just wanted to bring the news about a Genus update. Finally. 

My sources are 
a Second Life forum, discussion of the new genus head.  Thread created August 21st. 
And the virtuality.blog.  posted august 2nd.
Genus facebook


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