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Hello 🖤
good morning, I'm L, I'm very interested in learning about this world... since I've already done similar things in other games... I got to know this community through friends... 🖤
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Good morning, FindingAmo
Welcome to CBC - Copybot.Club.

I'm glad to hear that you're familiar with similar things as copybotting, since our Forum is a sharing community.

Before starting sharing, please take a look at the links down below.
  1. Guide - https://forum.copybot.club/Thread-READ-T...nformation
  2. Forum Rules - https://forum.copybot.club/Thread-Rules-do-read
  3. Your Usergroup - https://forum.copybot.club/Thread-CBC-ex...-as-newbie

If you need help or encounter any issue, don't hesitate to ask.
And a belated *hello* from me as well. 

I have now moved your shares from the sandbox to the CBC second Life items. 

This happens: 

1) when you have shared your way to the next user group.
2) when the share(s) has been in the sandbox for a month or two . It will then be moved even though the contributor didn't get to the next user group. 

If you haven't already, you might want to read more about how CBC is structured , by reading the guide 

If you have forgotten which items you have shared, let me know via PM - then we avoid any double posts. 

IF you forgot where to find information about usergroups? 

Then there is a link in our Guide,  

A link for your user group.  https://forum.copybot.club/Thread-CBC-ex...-as-newbie

It will describe what you have access to in your current user group and how to see more of  the CBC collections. 

Hope you see you there soon.



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