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Just another newbie introduction post.
Greetings, all!

Introduction time? I'm an amateur game mod maker pretty new to SL, and after learning my way around a bit I started exploring what the limits were and possibilities and ran into the sealed bricks of the walled garden pretty quickly.

I love to create and tinker and learn, and the world of SL is open for anything yet somehow also too restrictive. You are free to do anything, but everything has a price. Everyone steals copyrighted stuff from the outside world, yet somehow within SL it's considered taboo to borrow and learn from the work anyone else does, even if they stole it themselves, greedily hoarding information and knowledge. It's extremely hypocritical and I don't agree with that philosophy.

I started researching why I couldn't do the things I wanted to do, and how to get around them, and through youtube and research I found this place. I'm here to discover the secrets and tools they don't want me to have, and share anything I learn if it can help other creators grow creatively. I have a lot of learning to do and I will read and try to contribute.

I'm not into drama but I'm good with fries and a soft drink.
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Hello, Baconator
This is by far the most interesting introduction I've ever seen. And don't even get me started with your lovely photo and name.

Second Life is a free-to-play game, but everything has a price, this is true. Mainly because they have bills to pay too, I suppose. However, I find it super hypocritical that some creators are copybotting and making money from it. We have so many big stores and known creators that are copybotting, yet LL does nothing but smile. Why? Money comes around. But why they think that us, simple members, can't do the same?  Still have no idea.

Anyway, I'm glad you came here. CBC Forum is the right place for it, mainly because we have so many useful tools, but also great active members which we're so proud of.
I'm going to give you some tutorials and tools to read and have fun with. When you're ready to learn how to share, but also how to benefit - you're more than welcome to do so.

Please enjoy some fries and a very soft drink, it's on the house.

  • Important links to read before starting: 
  1. Make sure you will accept our Forum Rules - HERE
  2. Read our Guide before posting - HERE
  3. If you need our help and you're stuck at something - HERE
  4. How to stay active and contribute when having nothing to share

  • Choosing the right viewer and useful tools!
  1. Viewers: You can download Darkstorm v6.2 (click) or Revelator Alpha 1.8 (click). I recommend both, Darkstorm is easier to use when you're ripping, while Revelator is faster when you're uploading things - SecondLife or OpenSim.
  2. Tools: We have MeshesSL (click) which is a time-saver, but many other as well - HERE (click)

  • Looking for tutorials?:
  1. Tutorials - Second Life: How to copybot - Basic Level (click) and How to - Tutorials (click) 
  2. Tutorials - Forum:  Forum - the right way to use it (click).

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