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Guess its my turn to introduce myself
Hey, there people, my name's Weasel. 

I have been in SL for around 15 years and lost a few accounts once or twice, now I just mainly have an account to pull things from that world and into a different VW where there is still not much there, and just trying to help populate it with good quality things. 

I initially got into CopyBotting about 3 years ago but was on hiatus for about 1.5 years, and only really got back into it a few months ago, but I have also not been idle.

Dont know really what else to say.

Via con Diablos, my friends

postbit slot
Its a very nicely put introduction. 

We are glad to get to know a little about who signs up to be a part of our community. 

Reading you know about copybotting already, I dont think theres a lot mention. 
you probably have read the guide, it tells you where to find the copybot viewers. (and much more)
- you signed up to be a member at the Copybot.club - we think of our community to be a bit different from other known copybot forums out there. We have some tutorials on how to set up shares, describing the amount of detail needed 

An example : https://forum.copybot.club/Thread-Exampl...ons-needed --
(compare it to the tutorial: https://forum.copybot.club/Thread-How-to...-you-share)
And you already did a great first share!

What else to tell? 
All is in the guide, but I think its important to mention access to the forum is based on the usergroup you belong to
here is the description for the newbie group, for example. 

Our usergroup system is based on posts made. 
We have tried to make it a fair system: not all subforums will add to your post counts, just as thank you posts doesnt. 

The reason for the above system, is that we have been members of other copybot forums, kinggoon is one of them.
I dont even know if that forum is known anylonger! it has been years since I took my copybot babysteps and was introduced to Darkstorm. 
Which I still stick to
But what we learned from there, we have been working on making a more fair system. Its a work in progress, and we like to have our members involved in the process. 

That was a lot of words - 
I hope it didnt scare you away!


Welcome to CBC, the copybot club. 

--- oh, if you have any questions you cant solve even after searching for answers, feel free to ask the forum.


Hello, Weasel.

Welcome from me, too. I loved your shares, they're so nice. However I left some feedback if you have time to look on it.
Sure, I would love to hear your Feedback

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