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What Happens After you Get Banned?
You try to log into SL your viewer start connecting with the region.... but wait, psych!
[Image: scnLy1y.png]

So you think ok let's login and talk to SecondLife:
[Image: 31o0Amz.png]

You think nothing of it and click the submit a support case link, only to see this screen:

[Image: EOBjQ8i.png]
I request that Linden Lab cancel my account? Wait what? Yes my friend you've just been owned by Linden Lab. So you may be in denial and try to ask their customer support why? Until you realize that Linden Lab customer service can take days if not weeks to respond. So in your impatience you check your emails and find nothing, that's weird....
Out of desperation you click the Spam folder and there you find it, the infamous email with the title Second Life: Account Closure

You quickly open the email in the hopes it's just a misunderstanding, but the words are pretty damning and absolute Linden Lab has decided to close your account.
Horrified you read the lines
Quote:Hello CBC Resident,

It has come to our attention that you have engaged in activities in violation of the Linden Lab Terms of Service (the “Terms”) and Second Life Community
Standards, including but not limited to:

· Section 6.1 of the Terms, which states that “[y]ou will not post or transmit prohibited Content, including any Content that is illegal, harassing or violates any person’s rights”;

· Section 6.1(iv) of the Terms, which states that you agree you will not “[p]ost, display, or transmit Content (including any communication(s) with employees of Linden Lab) that is harmful, threatening or harassing, defamatory, libelous, false, inaccurate, misleading, or invades another person’s privacy”; and

· Section 4 (Disclosure) of the Community Standards, which states that “[r]esidents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Life experience. Sharing personal information about your fellow Residents without their consent — including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, alternate account names, and real-world location beyond what is provided by them in their Resident profile — is not allowed. Remotely monitoring conversations in Second Life, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without the participants’ consent are all prohibited.”

Pursuant to Section 5.2 of the Terms, “Linden Lab may suspend or terminate your Account if you violate this Agreement, along with any or all other Accounts held by you or otherwise related to you. . . . Upon termination of your Accounts, this Agreement between us will be automatically terminated and you may not re-subscribe or return to the Service through other or future Accounts you or others may set up.”

Due to your severe and repeated violations of the Terms and Community Standards, Linden Lab has terminated your access to the Second Life virtual world. This termination applies to all Second Life accounts associated with you, including your primary, alternate, and household accounts. To reiterate, you may not return to Second Life on any account, new or existing.

Dakota Linden
Account Specialist
Linden Lab

A few days pass and you come to terms with what had just had happened. The lindens finally respond a week later with the same copy-paste response as you already read in the email.
You try to appeal their decision but you soon realize you are probably just talking to a wall as all replies come back the same. If you are lucky some of the replies may ask you sensitive information while not allowing you to change your password or email during these requests. In other words your reputation could be tarnished by slander if someone hacks you while banned.

You accept defeat and request your USD balance to be paid out, but those bastards were two steps ahead of you and knew all your balance would be in Linden (LD) not USD. Not only have you been banned but also robbed. You think off all the ways you can burn down their facility because of the money they stole, but it's too late and they got the law on their side.

In your rage you send a few angry emails to those bastards but nothing helps, you are now spending your nights drunk and depressed. Your divorced now and somehow growing a beard. You cant go to work so you end up fighting with homeless people under a bridge for a place to sleep... True Story... Undecided

Moral of the story be smart and don't get banned. Cool

Share your ban-story and If you all like and REP this, I might write a part 2 Wink
postbit slot
A friend of mine told me that if you have an acquaintance who owns a sim, he can open a ticket helping you to get your account back (supposedly they give more importance to sim owners and premium members) But I still don't know for sure.
(10-12-2020, 06:14 PM)jagiwig920 Wrote: @SadBox I think some people have unofficial ways to reinstate accounts

In what way?
And, you have the possibility to call them by phone. (If you know how to speak english properly Tongue)
Linden Lab has received an intellectual property notification from CALIFORNIA MILK PROCESSOR BOARD alleging that you have infringed trademark rights in the Second Life environment.  In particular, the notification complained about your use of the GOT MILK?name in your Second Life or Marketplace content.  The notification identified the following allegedly infringing work(s):

Description of Work(s):

Location of Work(s):
location OF STORE HERE :p

Linden Lab respects the rights of both Second Life residents and intellectual property owners. Accordingly, within two (2) days, please remove or disable the above-identified uses of the GOT MILK? name from all Second Life and Marketplace locations, including your inventory.  If you do not do so within two business days, please be aware that Linden Lab intends to expeditiously remove, or disable access to, the allegedly infringing work(s).

Any further notices of trademark infringement levied against your Second Life account will result in Termination from the service.

Please direct any future communications regarding this matter to CALIFORNIA MILK PROCESSOR BOARD:

(916) 498-9911
[email protected]

We appreciate your cooperation and your creation of original content in the Second Life virtual world.


The IP Team at Linden Lab


i did as they asked and i still got suspended ,idk yet if im banned or not.
i tried calling LL but alt of messages of business hours...[/color]
""We're sorry, but this store is no longer available."
OO AND LIKE 54,000 L$ ....

EDIT 17102020
- made your post readable
please use the preview post before posting Smile 
Hi thanks so much for the message,

May I ask you to include the email subject in your previous message?

And replace the personal data with placeholders like:

945 Battery Street
(415) 243-9000
[email protected]

REP for your DMCA example message.
(10-16-2020, 03:05 AM)Fem'nominon Wrote: THIS IS THE LETTER I GOT...
i did as they asked and i still got suspended ,idk yet if im banned or not.
i tried calling LL but alt of messages of business hours...[/color]
""We're sorry, but this store is no longer available."
OO AND LIKE 54,000 L$ ....

U situation is so awful, sadly, just as your problem LL also commits this kind of things:

The thing
I got my account terminated once for harassment
Quote:Hello *** Resident,

We regret to inform you that Linden Lab has terminated your access to the Second Life virtual world. Because the evidence shows that you have severely and repeatedly violated the Second Life Terms & Conditions and Community Standards regarding harassment on an account owned by you, all of your accounts are now permanently inaccessible.
Per the Terms & Conditions, you may not return to Second Life on any account, new or existing.

What is Linden Lab's policy on harassment?

Under our Community Standards policy, communicating or behaving in a manner which is offensively coarse, intimidating, or threatening; constitutes unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors; or is otherwise likely to cause annoyance or alarm is harassment. Given the infinite possibilities of Second Life, harassment can take many forms. When detected, individuals and groups engaging in harassment may be subject to escalating sanction, ultimately resulting in termination of accounts, closure of groups, removal of content, and loss of land or access to land if the behavior does not cease.

Unfortunately, an account owned by you has been determined to have been used to harass other residents, and, despite repeated sanctions, or because of severe violations, you therefore may no longer engage in any aspect of the Second Life service.

This concludes our investigation of your appeal. You may not return to Second Life on any account, new or existing. Please consider the matter resolved, as no further communications will be sent.


Dakota Linden
Account Specialist
Linden Lab

and lost L$105.000

EDIT 26/11 2020
via PM asked to correct spelling error. Done

EDIT 05/12 2020
via pm asked to change reason for banned. 
i am closing the thread since OP decided to leave CBC 

[Image: rpYUBtj.png]

so he wont be able to use any information you share.


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