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Hello all
Not much to tell I am Tweety and hoping to see some old folks back in here just like myself SL changed a lot and i have been out of it a long time a few years so i need time get to learn the new tricks I seen Nails in here so that is awesome she learned and helped me a lot in the past on the KG site  [Image: YndYIgA.gif]
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Tweety!! It's great to see you! Welcome!
Welcome to CBC Tweety,

C.Nails is the boss here, the time of the dinasties has ended Smile
You'll find most of us came from where you wanted to say…

I hope you will like it here Exclamation

showbis Cool
it is great to see you here at CBC 

as you may have noticed, CBC is set up to censor the name of the forum you mentioned - this is for explaining CBC has nothing to do with any of those forums.  
Well, we all share a past of being a member there and have "met" each other there, but that is it. 

It is awesome you found us - and i am very happy to welcome you, Tweety. 

(and i am not the boss! shush you showbis)


Hahahhahahahahahahahaha Tweety
~ beams up a sweet smile ~
I do remember you very well sunshine
and i am so happy you made it finally
to CBC.
Welcome home  Heart .

the CopyBotClub CBC
welcome to the forum Smile
New to copybotting? Wanna rip mesh? Tutorial here:
Welcome to CBC Tweety  Cool

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