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Ralph Hinkley has arrived!!
[Image: EDnyFZo.gif]

Many years back, when The Greatest American Hero show was new, I was told that I looked like the star; William Katt.  He is the son of actors Bill Williams (birth name Herman August Wilhelm Katt) and Barbara Hale.  His parents worked as tv actors, also.  His father had a number of different character roles in the same show where his mother had a major part as the legal secretary (Della Street) for Raymond Burr in the classic tv program "Perry Mason".   Father and son also were together in one episode of a later Raymond Burr show titled "Ironsides".
I'm old enough to remember all of those shows, and still have my curly hair....  just gray instead of blonde.
postbit slot
Good morning Ralph,
i had a good time reading your intro ... you are old, grey lock AND
you didnt changed ... YAYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!
Welcome home sunshine Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
welcome to CBC Ralph, glad to have you here. 



welcome to the forum Smile
New to copybotting? Wanna rip mesh? Tutorial here:
Hey Ralph,

that wasn't a soft landing hey Shy

Welcome to the Club

showbis Cool
Welcome to CBC Ralph  Cool
It's great to see you, Ralph.
For those who enjoy building, as I do, Zimberlab offers a collection of mesh items.
I can make these available with XML, DAE and textures included, but it will take some time to sort them into individual share.
Also, if you see an item here you want, let me know and I'll be sure to post that requested item for you.
The separate posts are needed to keep the shares in context with the structure maintained at CBC.

[Image: sK9vvYx.jpg]

Took down a link on advice by Nails, but leaving the post so others see that advice.

Ralph Hinkley, the Greatest American Hero
oh no! 

not to the share, but the way it is shared

One item pr post is the criteria for making threads here.  Read my comment to the diamonds share 

I can help sorting these, but they will have my name on it and not add to your post count. 

Making a single post out of one of the items shared though,  as a kind of template.  Arrow  here

Thank you for sharing

20 04 2021
Merged threads - now your kind offer can be seen here, since your sandbox shares are now to be moved to their proper places.



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