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Just some random gender fluid
Sup yall,

I am marzipannudel, if you don't know what marzipan is you lost in life.

I don't know much stuff, i just want to learn to rig like a pro and paint that weight right.
Nobody trusts me enough to give me a dev kit, so here we are!

Hit me up with questions but I can't promise I have an answer. Big Grin
postbit slot
Hi from a random straight person!
I had to look up what marzipannudle is , I learned new. Marzipan I know, but as  nudel??  

welcome to CBC - Glad you found us. 

Good luck in your efforts of getting to rig like a pro! 



Welcome ... we all love marzipan Smile.
Welcome aboard sweetie.

the CopyBotClub CBC

welcome to the forum,
we will do our best to help you on your path
Dev kits we have but they launch so many it is at times hard to know what is the latest and if it is legit or not
on the tools for making mesh I am assuming you will use blender and avastar.

Here you may find video tutorials on how to put blender to the best use
If you learn the tools in general you will know how to master SL meshes also

Please check all the rules,
learn how to share and knowledge is also a nice thing to share
and enjoy CBC

showbis Cool
happy welcome

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