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A Real One
yoo yoo i go by the name Mac or MB.. just a young bull living life and all that good shit  Cool . very glad i could be apart of this upcoming greatness. big shoutouts to the family running things here. im am now among  some of the Real One's(Goonz). i remember when the bro showbis  thought of this forum  as a vision(idea) at first, but now... its brought into existence! i love that!  in all honestly tho, im sorry i couldn't be around to help wit the contruction, even tho everything looks good already, still would of been dope to help. got to admit really busy in RL, haven't even had much time to use the computer at all in last few months. but if u know MACBaller he always Pull up , like a Huggies (baby diapers) it could be 2 years from now Big Grin Big Grin . im still coming....

talk to me nicely  Tongue

postbit slot
Glad to see your name MB!

Happy to read your posts!



Hi MBallerBrim, welcome and nice to meet you Cool

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