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Hello <3
Hello everyone! Im here to learn and enjoy this comunity.
I speak spanish too <3
postbit slot
Welcome home then Smile.
Let us know if you need any help.

the CopyBotClub CBC
Hi there Nanamin00
it is always great when a new member starts by saying they wish to learn and evolve
we love to see that in our family community members.

For you to start well you should read the copybot.club guide
there check everything about the forum rules, rankings, how to post etc
until post 15 you are in the entry level and anything you may share should be at sandbox
but do no think you are limited, you have access to all the major tools and all the copybot viewers

What I did when I started was, I started to make the backup of my inventory and shared it/backed it up

There is much to learn and don't think even store owners don't use copybot viewers because they do, even to see what the competition did and how they did it
I use it also to adjust things that are NoMod

The possibilities are endless so let's go!

showbis Cool

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