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copybot stores, Help to spot them - they leech on our shares.
In my search for links to preview images, i often find  copybot stores on the Marketplace. 
I really do not like those. 

They are taking from CB forums, and then add it to marketplace to earn money from something they were able to download for free.

(I am aware of the blurred line of ethics and double standards)  
Would you like to help making links to those you find? then make a post in this thread. 


postbit slot
let me start - i have been looking for the New faces store, (its rebranded now) but stumbled upon this MP store.


they havent even bothered to try rename the botted skins. At least they are not taking 1 250 L$ for the skins .. 
I am not going to get the gatcha items they have for sale ! wonder if there is anything to purchase or they are trying to make money out of empty boxes.

oh, and this store too: 



You can mostly find these copybot stores whenever you search for skins between 100-500L...that's how I find them most of the time
Rubi Fashion
L'IZZO New Generation
me fashion luxury collection
me fashion luxury édition  - same owner but different account
~Ginger Creations~
:: FLY :: - they sell some stuff made by other creators, but i don't know if they were from a gacha or not. I need help here         
fullperm skins appliers thrift shop - i don't know if this store is a copybot one, they only have a full perm hairbase for sale and I feel like i've seen that hairbase somewhere else. I need someone to help me here aswell Smile
Global Store

this is all i could find for now Smile
New to copybotting? Wanna rip mesh? Tutorial here:
copybot store
 Thrift Kitsch
Sold by: force Haiku
Joined: December 06, 2008
Copybot stores are against everything we stand for here at CBC Exclamation

Please help us by being proactively exposing those who make a profit on items they didn't create.

Thank you to everybody who make an effort to make copybot more ethical  Heart

showbis Cool
(08-05-2021, 05:37 AM)Yeeana Wrote: fullperm skins appliers thrift shop - i don't know if this store is a copybot one, they only have a full perm hairbase for sale and I feel like i've seen that hairbase somewhere else.  

I am glad the thread got attention again. 

that store no longer exists.  So you were right. 

let me add one more CB store. 



-- funny: the name of the store owner is unavailable.
meaning, they are no longer in SL:

"*Log into your account at https://my.secondlife.com/ and append the person's username to the end of that URL (for example, JoeBloggs Resident would be at my.secondlife.com/joebloggs). If it returns the same 'this name is unavailable' message then the account has gone from Second Life."

so no longer in SL and having a MP store running still. 
Smart, Cant get banned, coz you are no longer in SL. 
Smart, LL get fees from MP sales. 
WIN WIN. or? 




Seems like Our Linden Lab does not care. The shop appears to have old items only, but still on the Marketplace

A 6 year old comment on the copybotters/owners ( pelu venom) profile:

https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ely...an/5998163 ---> what is this? Why are you selling my skins!
over 6 years ago
copybot store
Sold by: Azox Incognito
Joined: October 31, 2021
copybot store
L'IZZO New Generation
Sold by: Dam171O
Joined: February 28, 2017
copybot store
me fashion luxury
Sold by: chryt83 Adamski
Joined: September 06, 2008

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