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I'm new here, I would like to introduce myself as everyone, and I'm excited to share some stuff with you guys.
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I'm here super shocked by how organized you guys are, you did an awesome job here.
Welcome to the copybot club bgrdyy!

What you see is a reflection of over 6 months in planning and lots of help from our members who tell us what is missing
and we perfect a bit more… it is a never ending job but it is for a good cause.

I got to say our family aid us by doing threads with everything in them and placing them in the right spot.
You can always count on every single one of us to help out in case of need!

I would advise you to start by the guide so that you understand how the club works, from user groups to how to make a thread
where to get one of our exclusive viewers and the tutorial that explain you how to use them and also the copybot tools
It takes a while to read it but it pays off in the end.

I hope you feel right at home here

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