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Hey everyone. I'm still a bit new to copybotting but I'm learning and hope to be contributing soon
postbit slot
Good morning

and Anne don't spill your 'milky' Tongue

Welcome to the copybot.club
please take your time to read and the club guide is the best way for you to know where to go and how to start
copybot seems ticky at first but once you past around all the security advice and how to use your viewer in a effective way you will be making your inventory backup in no time!

Making threads in the forum has certain rules but you can learn with other how other members do, but if you need assistance
we are always here to help out!

Don't worry because we all started like you Wink

Welcome to the family

showbis Cool
Welcome to the home hun Smile.
lay back relax and read, if you need help shout.

the CopyBotClub CBC
a belated welcome and an update of your share

it has not disappeared, but moved to the Second life forum. It had spend a lot of time in the sandbox.

In case you wondered



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