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I make make 3d model and play with stuff on 3dmax. I do a little bit of coding and was just looking for a nice community  to get wearables
postbit slot
Hi tommyhide,
oh well we met on the shoutbox Tongue

Welcome to the copybot club!

we are a family of members and many know each other for years. As I told you most of us came from other copybot communities and
here you will find some of their members and even their top team that is why we are the fastest CB community on the web.

You will find the latest copybot viewer done by several of the best developers.
There is like the newest Darkstorm by Wish, Revelator by .flagg, and Club64 by Benjamin. You will also find tools to make the CB job easier and the family of members who is always to ready to lend a helping hand to those in need.
Many of today's owners learned how to do things by looking at how they were done on second life copybot forums.
Whispers they still use copybot viewers speak no evil

Many of our members got fed up with greedy CB forum owners who think only on subscriptions and Vips at $20 a pop.
Here we are about sharing and your 3d knowledge counts and what you bring to the table is always important!

The price you have to pay here is being helpful!

showbis Cool

I started by sharing full perm textures
and now I am an admin
- and we need your knowledge of 3D and scripting  !

We do have forum for this also, but you will not be able to see anything in those subforums yet. 

Welcome to CBC 

- glad you found us. 



~ jumps right on the welcome wagon and smiles ~
Welcome to the most wonderful but comepletely crazy
copybott family in the world wide web. 

the CopyBotClub CBC

If you log in again, and look for your share, and can not find it, it is because it has been moved from the sandbox to the second life forum.



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